The Animal Welfare League of South Australia (AWL) encourages responsible pet ownership, promotes the benefits of the human-animal bond and strives to improve the welfare and care or our animal companions.

We hold paramount the welfare and quality of life of pets and we acknowledge the human-animal bond and recognise the importance of people in the delivery of good animal welfare.
Our Strategic Pillars
To encourage and support people to be responsible pet owners
To connect pets with caring and safe homes
To create a community that embraces and values pets

The AWL provides care and animal welfare support to companion animals in the South Australian community and is recognised for the provision and development of services for animals in need. Our primary role is to provide a lost and found service to the general public and vital rehoming services for lost and abandoned dogs and cats in South Australia.

We also provide other important pet services including low cost microchipping, pet boarding, pet grooming, pet cremations, education and advice to the general public.

Animal Welfare League of SA (AWLSA) is a leading animal welfare and care provider recognised for the provision and development of services for animals in need. Established in 1964, AWLSA operates the state’s largest animal shelter and leads the industry in re-homing lost, surrendered and abandoned animals – around 20,000 per annum.

AWLSA is proud of its contribution, together with other industry stakeholders, in providing high-quality animal care facilities and related services to South Australia’s animals, their owners and the broader community, including pet boarding, pet cremations, dog grooming and dog training.