We want everyone to have a great day out at Houndwave so we need to have a few rules (and we do have regulations to abide by).

Don’t have a dog, that’s okay you are still welcome, just always remember to ask an owner before you pat a dog. Remember CHAT, THEN PAT.


If a dog is brought into the event, it must be kept on a short leash (2m or under) at all times. We don’t have fencing in the square, so please be careful and keep your dog on a leash as we really don’t want any accidents. Please respect these rules as the park is in the middle of Adelaide and is surrounded by roads. We have also arranged that traffic around Light Square for the duration of the event will be reduced to 25 km per hour.

Please respect the park as well as other patrons by picking up after your dog and yourselves. Doggy bags are available at entrance points and on the north-east and south-west corners of the square. Rubbish bins are also available.

Please only bring well socialised and non-aggressive dogs. If a dog becomes aggressive or fights with another dog once inside the event, we will need to ask the owner to immediately remove their dog from the event site.

All dogs attending must be vaccinated – if you need some information head over to our Vet Partners at Adelaide Vet

HOUNDWAVE is a Licensed event and alcohol will be for sale. It is not BYO and no alcohol can be brought into the event. We have food available for sale and this includes Vegan and Gluten free options

Definitely NO GLASS as this is really a hazard for all those paws in attendance.

We will have water bowls on site and you may bring your own.

FIRST AID – First Aid Kits are located at the AWEA  Marquee (in front of the fountain)  and Adelaide Vet are onsite for any dog related first aid needs


It’s looking like things might be a bit chilly, so rug up, bring a picnic blanket and a deck chair if that helps. Our policy does need to cover weather extremes so please see below.

HOT WEATHER: Houndwave may be modified if, on Friday 20th September, the forecast temperature for Saturday 21st  September is 35 degrees or above. If the event is changed a notice will be placed on the Houndwave website at www.houndwave.com.au and on the event’s Facebook Page www.facebook.com/houndwave

We have changed the time of year to spring, so we are hoping the weather will not be too hot., we found that by holding an event in March, it was getting too hot for dogs to enjoy the day out.

If the temperature is over 35 degrees and we will run the event and advise of times that dogs should not be at the event.

It is forecast to be warm on Saturday and the good folk at the Animal Welfare League SA are kindly bringing splash pools along for the dogs.

WET OR WINDY/STORMY WEATHER If the forecast for Saturday 21st of September is for particularly wet or dangerously windy weather a decision about cancelling Houndwave  (or moving to an indoor location) will be made before 5pm on Friday 20th September. In any case, all marquees and umbrellas must be secured with pegs and or weights. and will be actively collapsed immediately if required.


Stallholders and Vendors are to remove own waste from the site, remove your own waste water and oils (food vendors)  – bins will be provided for general event waste. We ask that everyone attending please respect the park. Please can you return recyclable drink containers to the point of purchase.



Dogs on leads with owners

All dogs must be on leashes at all times during Houndwave Photography by Helen Page