Pawsome Art Trail- South Australian Living Artists (SALA)

Dog lovers know our dog’s love a day out! During August and the SALA Festival dogs are welcome at many venues across Adelaide .. (check the attached map).

The Pawsome Art Trail  is designed to encourage art and dog lovers to get out and about the City of Adelaide  to experience more of the 2018 SALA Festival.

Established, emerging and community artists have hand-painted 100 distinctive dog bowls that will identify venues featuring work by local artists. There are also seven supersized dog bowls painted by high profile artists.  Partnering with Guide Dogs SA/NT the supersize bowls will be auctioned at the end of SALA with all proceeds going to Guide Dogs SA/NT.

You’ll be able to go for a ramble around the City streets and happen upon the decorative dog bowls and, therefore, the SALA displays. Alternatively during August, you can download the map here:  2018-SALA-Pawsome-Trail